Gemma Burgess lipstick

My friend Gemma lives in New York but has been working in London for the past year, so our friendship is currently long distance. The other day, as always, I was happy to see her name pop up in my messages:

“Darling, buy this,” she wrote, along with a link to this lipstick. “I cannot believe how perfect these colors are, especially ruby pink. They were made for you.”

Since Gemma is a makeup savant, I followed her instructions, and, you guys, these lipsticks are SO GOOD. At first, the tube looks like regular sticky gloss, but when you apply it, the texture becomes velvety soft and kind of melts into your lips. The color brightens up your face — and lasts forever — but your lips still look so natural, like you’re not wearing anything. I’ve honestly never tried anything like it — they’re just so pretty. (I also doubt it would smear while kissing, but one of you will have to try that and report back!)

What makeup are you into these days? Any recs? I’d also forgotten how next level this mascara is.

P.S. A new haircut, and the random thing I get the most compliments on.

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